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APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS  For Pre-Spaced Vinyl Lettering

Before You Begin
Make sure application surface is cleaned thoroughly before installation. Remove any oil, dirt or grease around the area approximately 1 times the size of the sign you are installing. Windex or Isopropyl alcohol will work. Let the area dry thoroughly. It is recommended that the surface temperature be at least 60 degrees, calm winds, and the humidity is not too high.
Please Note
Larger letters may require the help of an assistant to hold each letter slightly away from the surface while you squeegee it in place.
Use 1 or wider strips of masking tape to hole the lettering in the proper position. Re-position as necessary. Large graphics may require two or more strips of tape to hold it in place
Apply a horizontal tape hinge at the top of the graphic using 1 wide masking tape. To make application of long words easier, strips may be cut between letters as shown, allowing you to apply one, two, or three letters at a time.
Using the masking tape as a hinge, flip the lettering upward and peel off the backing paper.
Flip the letter back over using one hand to hold the letter slightly away from surface. With the other hand, press lettering onto surface using a plastic squeegee, starting at the top (where masking tape hinge is), and working downward using overlapping strokes. Press firmly to make sure that all air bubbles are worked out. Repeat this step for each letter. It is recommended that all lettering is applied before proceeding to Step 5.
Carefully remove the pre-mask covering to expose the lettering by pulling parallel with the surface. If the vinyl tries to come off with the pre-mask, lay it back down and squeegee it again. If it still tries to come off, spray it with Windex after you squeegee it, wait 30 second, the remove the pre-mask. Problems with vinyl not sticking to a surface are usually caused by an oily or dirty surface.
After the letters are applied, it is important that the adhesive backed vinyl has time to form a good bond with the surface. Therefore, allow 2 or 3 days after application before washing or waxing. Especially avoid use of high-pressure washers during this time. Also avoid any contact with solvents, acids, thinners, gasoline or any chemicals that may deteriorate the vinyl, its finish, or the adhesive.
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